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Sea Turtle

TERRA Blog is a popular science page organized and run by the Society for Biology and Genetics. Our page  , which was started by Biogen's Ecology Subgroup and now continues under Biogen and run by the members of these teams, has become a science page with regular articles on many areas of biology. All of the author, editor, and design works of the page are done by our student community and articles are published regularly.

     Our subgroups derive their energy from the interest and excitement of their members and their egalitarian structure. As one of the works of this energy and interest of the Ecology Subgroup, TERRA Blog has become a popular science page in a short time by producing valuable content at regular intervals.

    The purpose of TERRA; To increase the curiosity and awareness of biology in society by publishing articles or translations of current or interesting topics that our members have researched on a page, to create an accessible archive and to share the developments about Biogen at the same time. With the passage of time, our members of the community, seeing the interest in the page and the interest of our members in research, expanded the subject range of the published articles and turned it into a page with articles and / or translations of interesting topics and developments in many fields of biology, not only ecology.


You can follow our Instragram account to get more information about TERRA Blog and to follow the developments such as the release time and subject of new content. 

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